Android Developer - Magento Certified - Web Developer



Hi! welcome to my personal site, my name is Mauricio Gaston Pineda, I'm from Argentina and live on Buenos Aires. I started 11 years ago with Actionscript and currently I'm a Magento Certified and Android developer. Nowadays I work as freelance into UAR Company located on Ames Iowa. I have passion for learn new technologies and software architectures, currently I'm learning Node.js and PhoneGap.

I'm a full stack developer, I have a wide experience development on front-end using Javascript, Prototype JS and JQuery, but I love work into the back-end side, My prefered language is PHP, I can develop as well as custom code or using Frameworks like Zend Framework, Codeigniter, CakePHP, Laravel. I love work over Linux platform and create shell scripts to automate everything.

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